What is Venus (XVS)? Should you invest in the project?



Venus Protocol designed to enable a complete crypto market protocol on Binance Smart Chain. Protocol designs are designed and branched based on Compound and MarkerDAO and synchronized into the Venus platform, bringing the benefits of both systems into one.

  • Venus (XVS) what?
  • What problem does Venus solve?
  • Should you invest in the project?

This article will answer these questions in turn. And give you an overview from the general to the detailed about this project. So what are you waiting for, let’s start writing right now!

What is Venus (XVS)?

Venus is a decentralized marketplace for lenders and borrowers with Stablecoins.

Current information

What problem does Venus solve?

In today’s traditional world, users will need proof of income and other factors let the lender decide even if the user provides collateral like a house or car.

Traditional lenders do not allow collateral and use of digital assets and cryptocurrencies to get loans or earn interest on offering to lenders and banks.

Venus is the protocol that helps bridge this gap by transforming traditional financial lending into decentralized protocols on blockchains.

Venus’s Solution

Venus will create a protocol that allows the traditional money market tied to stablecoin creation towards the accessibility and benefit of locked collateral.

Venus will allow everyone to use high-speed blockchain with low transaction costs by leveraging Binance Smart Chain to provide collateral, earn interest on that collateral, borrow against that collateral and print stable money on demand within seconds.

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All of these solutions take place directly on the blockchain.

Three core features

Excessive mortgage lending (Over-collateralized lending): in which users can borrow assets worth 75% or less of the value of the property offered.

Get profit (Earn interest): by providing supported collateral for the protocol.

The ability to print shoulder (The ability to mint VAI), the protocol’s default synthetic stablecoin is pegged to a value of 1 USD.

How specifically, please continue reading the article to understand better!

Features of Venus

Supply property (Supplying Assets)

Venus Protocol users can provide various supported cryptocurrencies or digital assets on the platform, which can be used as collateral for loans, providing liquidity and earning APY or to mint synthetic stablecoins.

Offering assets such as cryptocurrencies or digital assets to Venus gives users the ability to participate as lenders while maintaining the security of collateral in the protocol. .

Users will earn a variable rate of return depending on the use of that particular market’s yield curve.

All user assets are aggregated into smart contracts so that users can withdraw their supply at any time, provided the protocol balance is positive.

Users who provide their cryptocurrency or digital assets to Venus will receive a vToken, such as vBTC, which is the only token that can be used to redeem the underlying collateral provided.

Example of depositing collateral

Example of withdrawal of collateral

Property loan (Borrowing Assets)

Users wishing to borrow any cryptocurrency, stablecoin, or digital asset backed from Venus must pledge that collateral, and that asset will be locked on the protocol.

These properties must be over-collateralized and will allow loans up to 75% of the value of that collateral. These collateral ratios are determined by the protocol and controlled through the Governance process

Once these properties are offered, you can borrow against the mortgage rate of the property.

Typically, the collateral ratio is set anywhere from 40% to 75%.

An example of a mortgage loan

For example, if Bitcoin has a collateral value of 75%, that means you can borrow up to 75% of your BTC value. If a user has $100,000 in BTC offered to the Venus protocol, that means they can borrow up to 75% of the value.

However, if the value of a user’s collateral falls below 75% or whatever percentage of the collateral a given property has, it could result in the collateral being sold. Your mortgage will be liquidated

To return the collateral, the user must pay off the principal balance and compound interest for the protocol.

The market interest rate is determined by the specific yield curve specified in the contract. Depending on the use of the market, it will determine what the interest rate will be for that particular market.

What is XVS token?

Venus is managed by the XVS token, which allows XVS holders to participate in voting for various platform initiatives such as

  • adding new collateral
  • changing parameters
  • product improvements
  • …………

Similar projects?

Project team

Venus is developed by the Swipe project team and Binance

Partners of the project

Not much is known about Partners

Investors & Advisors

Not much information about Investors & Advisors


Currently, there is not much information about the project’s Roadmap.

XVS Token Allocation

Binance Launchpool: 20%

Binance Smart Chain Ecosystem: 1%

Ecosystem mining: 79%

XVS Token Release Schedule:

Source: Binance Research

Buy XVS token on any exchange?

Currently, XVS Token has been traded on exchanges such as Binance, Bitmoon

Buy and sell XVS in VND at Bitmoon

Link to buy and sell: https://bitmoon.net/mua-ban/venus

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Media channel of the project:

Website: https://venus.io

Medium: https://medium.com/venusprotocol

Telegram: https://t.me/VenusProtocol

Twitter: https://twitter.com/VenusProtocol

Github: https://github.com/SwipeWallet/Venus-Protocol

Should you invest in the project?

Based on what GocTienAo has just provided to you, and in my opinion, this project is interesting and solves the current lending problem, please give your own thoughts about this token and consider whether to add XVS to your portfolio or not!


The above article has provided you with an overview to details of the Venus project. Hope GocTienAo has given you useful information about the project. If you find it interesting, please share the article with your friends!

All investment statements above are personal. All investment decisions are made by you and you are responsible for your assets. Good luck!

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