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Surely coin traders are no stranger to famous exchanges like Binance, Huobi, MXC, etc. Cex exchanges are famous for Margin.

So, have you tried using it? Margin for floor Dex not yet? Now, I would like to introduce a pretty good project to help you trade coins on Dex.

Should learn more: https://goctienao.com/dfuture/

What is fulcrum?

In short, Fulcrum is a leveraged Dex exchange for margin trading.

Project Functions

Trade :
  • Fulcrum is a decentralized margin trading platform that does not need KYC or any other verification.
  • Just connect the Non-Custodial Wallet and start trading.
Lending :

Fulcrum has lending tokens with quite attractive interest rates.

Borrowing :

With relatively high interest rates, Fulcrum’s lending system is also quite attractive.

Stake :

Send tokens and receive corresponding tokens according to a certain percentage.

Similar projects

You can refer to the project: dfuture

Highlights of Fulcrum

  • No KYC : No identity verification required.
  • Non-Custodial : Whether trading or borrowing, you have control over your assets without depending on anyone.
  • Everything is Tokenized : Everything is encrypted to ensure high security for users.
  • Minimal Liquidation Penalties : Positions are only liquidated a minimum of 15-25% of your leveraged position.
  • Perpetual Positions : Enjoy an easy trading experience with auto-renewing positions and no conversion fees.








The project has linked with many other famous projects such as Chainlink, Defi Pulse…


The Fulcrum project has no tokens yet

Where to buy and sell Fulcrum

Currently the project has no plans to issue tokens, so if there is any change, the team will update later.

In addition, if you want to buy and sell coins in VND at the Bitcoin exchange in Vietnam, you can visit Bitmoon to trade! This is one of the most prestigious exchanges in Vietnam today


Above is the entire research article about the Fulcrum project to help you have a better overview of the project and have an additional opportunity to discover a new playground.

Hope you always make money in this Crypto market. If you have any questions, please discuss with the GTA team here.

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