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What is Terra (Luna)?

Terra is a blockchain project in the field of e-commerce. Terra create their own stablecoin (or each e-commerce platform separately) to pay and reduce transaction fees. Total supply of Terra will change to equalize its value in the system.

Luna is the official token of the project Terra, which is collateral for stablecoins operating on the protocol. The process of releasing and burning Luna based on the needs of other stablecoins.

Current Terra Luna exchange rate

Project Functions

Terra used to pay for goods, or services provided by e-commerce platforms within Terra’s ecosystem. The Terra protocol guarantees solvency by a full reserve of fee rebates. It helps to retain the value of transaction fees collected from the network. The Terra protocol works through a guarantee of solvency, the market value of the reserve is greater than the value of the Terra current.

Terra Protocol use PoS consensus mechanism (Proof of Stake) of Tendermint, miners must own $Luna and stake in the system.

Project highlights

  • Diverse ecosystem: the project is strongly supported by Ticket Monster. This company is in the top of the largest e-commerce platform in Korea with a valuation of 3.5 billion USD. In particular, Ticket Monster is also behind the multinational e-commerce alliance with over 40 million users.
  • Low transaction fees: The user will incur a fee of 0.1% (maximum 1%) for the payment.
  • Support price stabilization: Flexibility to change the supply of currencies.
  • No liquidation of assets: Terra coin owners have the right to stake their assets and profit from transaction fees.
  • Completely decentralized


  • April 2019: Launch of Mainnet. Blockchain tools released
  • June 2019: Upgrade Oracle
  • In the past 2020, Terra has followed the following roadmap:

Team – Terra . development team

The project’s development team Terra has extensive experience in fields ranging from mathematicians to scientists and financial professionals. There are a few names that can be mentioned:

  • Daniel Shin is one of the founders of Terra. He is also the founder and CEO of TicketMonster (Korea’s leading e-commerce platform project). Daniel is well known for his expertise and deep network in crypto commerce.
  • Do Kwon is another founder of Terra. He also founded and is the CEO of the Anyfi project. During his time at Anyfi, Do Kwon co-invented and holds a number of key company patents on decentralized networking and routing systems. Do Kwon is also a software engineer at Microsoft and Apple
  • Evan Kereiakes is Terra’s financial researcher. He worked at the Federal Reserve Bank of New York for more than 7 years. He is the Japan Portfolio Manager for the foreign exchange reserve portfolio. Prior to that, he was an economic analyst at the US Treasury, having also worked with the White House Economic Council. Evan studied engineering at Duke and the University of Illinois, also holding an MBA from the University of Chicago.
  • Nicholas Platias is Terra’s Head of Research. He previously founded Guru Labs and developed algorithms and distributed systems at Nest and RelatelQ. Nicholas studied Math and Computer Science at Stanford and has won many medals at the International Math Olympiads.


Partnership of Terra a lot, can be mentioned as Velo, Dfyn network, Tiki….

Investors – Investor in Terra

It can be seen that Terra attracts the investment of many large organizations. This is the first and only project to receive the investment of Polychain Capital in Korea. Besides, Terra can also Binance Labs invest because it has a strong foundation and is also invested by other very large exchanges in the world such as Upbit, Huobi Capital, OKEx.


Basic information about Luna token

  • Contract: 0x92bF969865c80EDa082FD5D8b4E28da4d58e1C3a
  • Token types: Utility, security
  • Total Supply: 1,000,000,000 $LUNA
  • Circulating Supply: 410,000,000 $LUNA

Token Use Cases

LUNA is used to:

  • Price stabilization of Terra stablecoins and paying fee for the issuance and burning of Stablecoins.
  • Stake and get rewards: A part of the transaction fee will go to LUNA holders.

Currently, Luna has been traded on many exchanges such as:

Token Allocation

Token Release Schedule – Terra Allocation Schedule

Funding rounds

  • Preseed: 100,000,000 tokens, 1 year locked tokens, 30% early liquidity.
  • Seed: ~92,000,000 tokens, tokens locked for 10 months, early liquidity 30%.
  • Private sale: ~ 18,000,000 tokens, tokens are locked for 3 months after listing, then Luna is vesting (token split) monthly for the next 6 months.

Where to buy and sell Terra Luna?

International floor

International reputable coin buying platforms such as: Binance, Huobi, Okex, Mxc,..

Vietnam Exchange

Buy Luna at: https://bitmoon.net/mua-ban/luna


Terra is a very potential project, not only has a strong ecosystem with an experienced development team, but also has the backing of Ticket Monster – Korea’s leading commercial platform. Terra also receives many investments from large funds such as GBIC, Kenetic, Monex Group… especially Polychain Capital. Present , $Luna has been listed on many major exchanges, is gradually being recognized by many people for its value.

In the context of developing e-commerce platforms, if the solution of Terra is applied and paid, the daily transaction volume will be an extremely large number, and so the value of $Luna will also increase. Terra is a good project and suitable for those who want long-term investment,

Here is all the information GTA Research team researched the Terra and $Luna projects, not investment advice. Hope the article will help you get the necessary information and make your own personal opinion.

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