What is Socios? All you need to know about Socios

What is Socios.com?

A football fan-first mobile app, Socios.com brings you closer to the team you love by allowing you – the die-hard fan – to vote on specific decisions of the club. You can pitch your ideas to contribute to the club, maybe they want to check out a set of designs or maybe they want to know who fans want to meet at a club event – they will ask you and they will listen to your opinion. It’s like having a direct line to the club’s office in your hand.


What else do I get?

As well as the right to vote, you get access to unique rewards – once-in-a-lifetime experiences, exclusive merchandise, prediction games, challenges of the day and much more. Check Twitter or Instagram our site to see some of the rewards fans have received.

How does it work?
Each of our partner clubs has committed to a number of binding and non-binding polls throughout the football season. Each poll will have a minimum of two choices, so you just have to choose the one you like best. With binding votes, the club is obligated to ensure that the selection that receives the highest number of votes is exercised. Non-binding polls will be used by clubs to gauge fan opinion, but they will not necessarily act on the results. All polls take place in a secure environment and all votes are registered on the blockchain, so the results are transparent and immutable.

What kind of decisions will I vote for?
The topic of the poll is decided by the clubs, but the possibilities are endless depending on the fan input the clubs seek. You can decide on the kit design, who will win the “man of the match”, the right location for the summer tour, the club title and much more.

So how do I vote?
On behalf of the partner clubs, Socios.com creates a supply of digital assets – we call these fan tokens. These fan tokens act as “right to vote” but also grants you access to unique rewards.

What is Fan Token?

Fan tokens are digital assets that represent your ownership of voting rights. Once acquired, they remain in your possession as long as the club remains on the Socios.com platform or until you decide to sell them. Fan tokens can be sold on the app’s marketplace.

Learn more about: What is an FTO? All you need to know about Fan Token Offering

How many Fan Tokens do I need to vote?
One Fan Token is equivalent to one vote in every poll the club publishes. Your fan tokens cannot be ‘spent’ on a poll, which means your fan token supply will not decrease when you vote. In fact, the more you vote and interact with the app, the more points you earn, helping you advance through the different membership levels.

Can I own more than one Fan Token?
Correct! The more Fan Tokens you own, the more influence you can make because each Fan Token gives you one vote. Eg: if you own 10 fan tokens, your vote will be counted 10 times in any poll. However, each club will impose an upper limit on the number of Fan Tokens an individual supporter can own for the sake of integrity and to ensure that no single fan can control the voting. make decision.

Do I need to buy a new Fan Token every time I want to vote?
Are not. Ownership of a Fan Code gives you the right to vote, instead of a single vote. So even with just one Fan Token, you can vote in every poll published by the club. Your fan code is never “spent”, so your balance only decreases if you decide to sell.

How do I get fan tokens?
Fan Tokens can be purchased directly on the app through a process known as Fan Token Offering or FTO. Socios.com uses a digital currency called $ CHZ Token that you need to buy first. This can be done directly on the app itself – it’s a simple process where you can use your debit or credit card up to 100 EUR. You can also earn free Fan Tokens by searching for them with AR technology through the app, or earn (where you will be rewarded in Fan Tokens for interacting with the app and the club in other situations) together).

How much will Fan Token cost?
We know being a fan can be expensive, especially when you factor in ticket prices, memberships, and merchandise. The price of Fan Tokens is determined by each club, but we intentionally set the price low at the time of the Initial Fan Token Sale (FTO) to ensure that it is affordable and easily accessible to all fans. approach. If Fan Token is sold on the in-app marketplace, the price is set by the seller or determined by supply and demand. Please note that the price of Fan Tokens is linked to $CHZ and not to traditional currencies like Pound Sterling, Euro or USD.

What is $CHZ?
It’s a bit complicated here. Socios.com is built on blockchain technology and uses a digital currency (cryptocurrency) called $CHZ. Unlike physical currencies like pounds, euros, and dollars that you use in a store or online, cryptocurrencies exist only in the digital space and can only be spent on certain certain background. Instead of a central authority like a street bank or internet bank, cryptocurrencies use an encrypted peer-to-peer network to store your balances and to confirm and verify transactions.

This network is called a blockchain, but think of it like a giant public list of every transaction that has ever been made. This blockchain is stored on a computer (or ‘node’) and lists the sender, receiver, value and approximate time of every transaction, all verified and anonymous. Each new transaction is a new block and each new block is immutable, which means it cannot be changed once it has been set. We use blockchain because it is the most practical way to maintain the integrity of voting rights while turning voting rights into a possessable commodity i.e. Fan Token.

Where and how can I buy $CHZ?
Although the application is built on the blockchain, the technology is invisible. Buying $CHZ through the app itself is as easy as any e-commerce purchase. You can buy $CHZ by depositing your wallet on the app itself (up to 100 EUR) or if you are a frequent crypto user you can buy CHZ at Bitmoon crypto exchange and transferred from my exchange wallet to Socios. com.

Buy and sell CHZ at Bitmoon: https://bitmoon.net/mua-ban/chiliz

When is it possible to buy $CHZ?
$CHZ will be available on major crypto exchanges in the near future or from the app itself at launch.

Can fans around the world buy Fan Tokens?
Are not. Fan tokens are limited in number and sold on a first-come, first-served basis. If you miss out and the fan tokens are sold out in the FTO, you can try buying through the app’s marketplace from other token holders.

Is it safe?
The whole point of blockchain is to allow people to share valuable data securely, without tampering. Blockchains store data using complex maths and innovative software rules that are extremely difficult for attackers to manipulate. In addition, by using a public ledger of information distributed on a peer-to-peer network, the blockchain ensures the security and integrity of dates without a single point of failure.

When can I buy Fan Tokens?
Fan Tokens will be available for purchase at the beginning of the 2019/2020 season. Free Fan Tokens and $CHZ will be available to collect as soon as the app is available for download, from the beginning of Q3.

How many Fan Tokens will be produced?
The total supply of Fan Tokens depends on the club and the size of its fan base. However, the total is finite, which means there will never be more than the initial total supply.

What if I don’t want to keep my fan tokens anymore?
You can sell your Fan Tokens to other users through the in-app marketplace.

What if my club does not partner with Socios.com?
So happy to be you! Not seriously, through the app you can pledge to be the first to buy the club’s Fan Token if they are not already a Socios.com partner. If enough fans are interested, we hope this will convince other clubs to join.

How to register?
Visit www.socios.com to register your interest. Don’t worry, we’ll let you know when the app is available for download on the App Store or on Google Play.

When will the app be available on the App Store or Google Play?
Socios.com will be available to download early in Q3. You can register your interest via www.socios.com and we’ll notify you as soon as it’s available, or iOS users can pre-order it. through the App Store.

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