What is Saber (SBR)? Details about the AMM project on Solana

In times of strong market volatility, having on hand a stablecoins will help you secure your assets and “buy the dip”, thereby increasing your position. We invite you to learn more about Saber, a powerful tool for stablecoins. The product has also just launched on the mainnet on Solana Ecosystem.

What is Saber?

Saber is the foundation AMM DEX dedicated to stablecoins on the Solana ecosystem, allowing users to swap assets on the Solana blockchain with the lowest slippage.

Decentralized DEXs often use the Order-Book mechanism, then Saber using AMM (automatic market creation) mechanism, this is the mechanism by which Liquidity Providers provide their liquidity into the pool, allowing traders to swap assets.
The protocol that allows the lowest slip optimization is inspired by Curve Finance. Besides that Saber develop yield features that allow users to make profits based on the supply of liquidity.

Saber’s Problem Solving

The defi based apps Ethereum paved the way for decentralized finance. However, Ethereum’s scaling problems greatly limited the number of people who could actually participate in this new financial system. In addition, slow transaction speeds and expensive gas fees make it impossible to design user experiences on par with centralized Fintech applications. Solana’s high-performance infrastructure eliminates these problems.

Saber has 2 features including :

  • Swap – allows to swap assets
  • Liquidity Provider – provides liquidity to earn trading fees

Highlights of Saber

Transactions are being integrated on Saber now

It’s not just about building liquidity centers for stablecoin trading pairs. Saber integrates more assets in other platforms, which allows Saber to become a trading platform for more assets. Currently Saber is supporting many transactions including:

  • PAI – USDC (Party Parrot will provide liquidity to Saber)
  • renBTC – wBTC (Ren Protocol will provide liquidity and bridge to Saber)
  • UST – USDC (Terra will provide UST liquidity to Saber)
  • pBTC – renBTC (pBTC developed by Parrot team)

Anti-slip mechanism

You can compare two AMM exchanges, Saber and Uniswap, to see that the slippage on Saber is very low.

Take for example Uniswap and Saber’s AMM exchanges with 1 USDC to 1 USDC trading pair.

• Uniswap allows to exchange 1 USDC to 0.996995 USDT, with a slippage of 0.0213%

• Saber allows to exchange 1 USDT to 0.999969 USDT, with a slippage of 0.03999%

The current transaction fee on Ethereum ranges from 15 to 30 USD. On the Blockchain Solana network, it is almost zero.

Built on Solana blockchain with a transaction speed of 65,000 TPS and very low transaction fees. That’s why when using Saber, users almost do not feel the delay. In addition, running on the Solana blockchain also saves Saber from having to compete with other markets like Ethereum and Binance Smart Chain.

Similar projects

Curve Finance (Ethereum, Polygon, Fantom).

Ellipsis Finance (Binance Smart Chain).

Belt Finance (Binance Smart Chain, HECO Chain).

When was the project established?

The project was established in November 2020

The project’s Twitter was created in November 2020 and currently has 10.9k Follow

Team – Project team

Saber founding team has been building crypto projects together since


In 2018, they launched a crypto-backed fund governance platform

supported by Y Combinator and CoinBase. The Saber team also helped organize the

First defi community event in San Francisco and Prague. Collective of

Saber has experience shipping products at a number of companies

largest technology, including Facebook, Google, CoinBase and OKEX.

Saber did not specify the project team. However, Saber has two co-founders:

  • Dylan Macalinao (@DylanMacalinao).
  • Ian Macalinao (@Simplyianm): Founder of Ubeswap project – DEX on

Roadmap – Project Roadmap


Investor & Partner

Saber currently has 3 main partners: Ren Protocol, Coin98 and Parrot .


Information about Saber . token

• Token Name: Saber.

• Ticker: SBR.

• Blockchain: Solana.

• Token Standard: SPL.

• Contract: Updating…

• Token Type: Utility & Governance.

• Total Supply: 10,000,000,000 SBR.

• Circulating Supply: Updating…

Token Allocation


Token Release Schedule


Token Use Case

Saber’s SBR Token will be used to:

• Provide liquidity to Saber for rewards.

• Proposing and voting in future Governance activities.

Saber token rate

Where to buy and sell Saber tokens?

You can buy and sell Saber tokens on Raydium.


Website: https://saber.so

Medium: https://blog.saber.so/

Github: https://github.com/saber-hq/stable-swap-program

Twitter : https://twitter.com/Saber_HQ

Discord : https://discord.com/invite/acctFJHfHD


With the features of Saber will help you transact more easily, with fast processing speed and low cost, overall, this is an exchange worth experiencing.

The project is in the process of researching to perfect and update new asset pairs on its platform. However, in the long run, Saber myself will have a direction to develop Curve Finance.

At now, Saber is growing very well supporting up to 16 stable assets. It is not difficult to understand that after only a few days, the number of TVLs on Saber has increased by 4 times compared to another DEX, Mercurial Finance.

Here is all the information GTA Research team researched the Saber project and is not investment advice. Hope this article will help you get the necessary information and give your personal opinion about the project.

You can join the discussion with GTA Research team at: https://t.me/gta_research_chat

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