What is Raydium? Detailed information about Raydium and the RAY token.

What is Raydium?

Raydium Is one AMM is built in Solana blockchain, use order book at the heart of Serum DEX to enable lightning-fast trading, shared liquidity, and new features for profit.

Raydium inherits the features of AMM in Serum and will be an integral part of bringing new and existing projects and protocols into the ecosystem. The protocol will act as a bridge for projects. With the goal at the center DEX by Solana, Raydium drives trading on Solana and enables lightning-fast trading, fast liquidity and new features for profit.

In this process, Raydium and RAY token will become the platform that allows further development with its partners, its own platform and the entire ecosystem.

Features of Raydium

Raydium (RAY) provide 4 features are Swap and Trade, Pools and Farm:

Swap feature is an option for users who want to trade quickly and easily, the experience of Raydium’s Swap feature is similar to other AMMs like Uniswap nice SushiSwap.

Trade feature is an option that provides users with more advanced trading features such as Limit Orders, Market Orders, etc Raydium integrates with the Serum, so the liquidity of the exposed user is that of the Serum.

Limit Order feature still incomplete, if the order is too large compared to the liquidity pool, the slippage is still a lot.

Pools is the feature that provides liquidity to receive Rewards.

Farm features as a form of Farm – Yield Farming is being developed

Fee mechanism on Raydium

When users trade or Swap on Raydium, the transaction will be charged 0.25%:

  • 0.22% is deposited back into the liquidity pool and treated as a reward for liquidity providers.
  • 0.03% is sent to the Staking Pool and serves as a reward for those who Staking RAY Token.

Similar projects and competitors of Raydium

Uniswap, Sushiswap, Julswap, Cream, 1Inch, Channels Finance, Polkaswap

Reasons that make Raydium stand out from current projects

Faster and cheaper: Leverage the efficiency of Solana blockchain to achieve larger transactions than Ethereum and gas fees at a fraction of the cost.

Central order book for ecosystem-wide liquidity: Raydium provides on-chain liquidity to the central limited order book of the Serum DEX, which means that Raydium allows access to the order flow and liquidity of the entire Serum ecosystem.

Trading interface: For traders who want to be able to view TradingView charts, place limit orders and have more control over their trading.

SPECIAL, RAY is one of the projects that is rated as the best in Solana Ecosystem and is a foundation coin in this system. At the moment Solana is being considered by many in-depth analysts as a very competitive competitor to Ethereum. And SOL has shown strength when reaching ATH right in the correction of the market in recent days and also the previous correction of BTC.

Like Serum Swap, Raydium AMM also has a similar design to Uniswap. It is built on Solana allowing for faster transactions, significantly lower fees, and the ability to expand later when the need arises.

The main difference is that Raydium pulls liquidity from Liquidity Pool to Orderbook of Serum Dex to achieve Liquidity Sharing effect thereby achieving better liquidity goal.

By combining with reasonable Incentives (Liquidity Mining), Raydium is currently the AMM with the highest TVL on Solana (TVL 479.2M) but Raydium’s average daily transaction volume is also quite small, only about 50M. With data above, we calculate the relative capital efficiency of Raydium AMM, which is quite low (Marketcap/TVL = 0.54) when compared to other AMMs.

This makes RAY’s Holder volume increase sharply and ranks TOP 1 in the ecosystem

Highlights of Raydium

With protocols AMM DEX and DeFi fast access only in private pools. And there is no access to the central order book. Besides, with the majority of platforms running on Ethereum, the transaction will be quite slow and the gas will be high.

Raydium offers users several distinct advantages as follows:

  • Faster and cheaper: A project that effectively leverages Solana blockchain to achieve transactions larger than Ethereum and gas fees at a fraction of the cost.
  • Central order book for liquidity across the entire ecosystem: Raydium functions to provide on-chain liquidity for the central limit order book of Serum DEX. This means that RAY allows access to the command line and liquidity of the entire Serum.
  • Trading interface: This interface is for traders who want to see TradingView charts. Can place limit orders and have greater control over their trades.

When was the project established?

The project was established in February 2021

The project’s Twitter was created in February 2021 and currently has 72.6K Follow

Roadmap – Project Roadmap

1st quarter of 2021

  • Complete development of liquidity and Staking groups, Mainnet.
  • Launch website and platform.
  • Cross-chain swaps.

2nd quarter of 2021

  • Research on additional market-making models and features when collaborating with other protocols.

3rd quarter of 2021

  • Integrate Oracle to improve the marketplace.
  • The idea of ​​governance model in coordination with partners

Team – Development team

AlphaRay: AlphaRay leads the overall strategy, operations, product direction, and business development for Raydium. After entering DeFi in 2020, Alpha realized the market needed an AMM order book to aggregate liquidity and with the release of Serum, assembled a team of experienced trading developers to solve the problem. subject.

XRay: XRay is the CTO and Dev team leader of Raydium. 8 years of experience as a low-latency and trading systems architect for both traditional and crypto markets.

Investor & Partner of the project


Basic information about Raydium Token

  • Token Name: Radium
  • Ticker: RAY
  • Blockchain: Solana
  • Token Standard: SPL
  • Contract Address: 4k3Dyjzvzp8eMZWUXbBCjEvwSkkk59S5iCNLY3QrkX6R
  • Total supply: 555,000,000 RAY

Token Use Case

Raydium RAY is the native token of the platform, used:

  • As the platform’s transaction fee payment token,
  • As Rewards for users providing liquidity, mining.
  • Or get Rewards when farming.

Token Allocation

  • Team: 20%
  • Advisor: 2%.
  • Partners and ecosystem: 30%.
  • Mining Pool: 34%.
  • Reserve providing liquidity: 8%
  • Community and Seed ring: 6%

Raydium’s products


Raydium There are 5 core products of Raydium :Trading, swap, pool, staking, farm.

Raydium can provide the same powerful trading experience as on the exchange CEX thanks to the integration with the Serum. If you have ever been annoyed because there is absolutely no reliable order book or chart on other DEXs, I think you will love trading on Raydium.

If you like the option “swap” fast and easy, Raydium still supports. Any SPL token can be quickly exchanged for another using RaydiumSwap.

As for Raydium’s liquidity comes from its own liquidity pools, as well as from the broader Serum order book shared by all Serum users. This means more liquidity and less slippage for Raydium traders.

When trading or swapping on Raydium, the transaction will be charged 0.25%:

• 0.22% is deposited back into the liquidity pool and serves as a reward for LP

• 0.03% is sent to satking pol and serves as a reward for those who stake their RAY token.

Currently, you can buy Raydium on Serum DEX or above FTX and Gate.io

Community Information

Website: https://raydium.io/

Telegram : https://t.me/raydiumprotocol

Twitter : https://twitter.com/RaydiumProtocol

Medium : https://raydium.medium.com


Raydium (RAY) is one of the projects announced to build a DeFi platform on the Solana blockchain. Raydium promises an AMM platform with Cross-Chain interoperability, Live Trading with Serum liquidity. Leveraging the Solana network, Raydium allows users to trade quickly and invest at the lowest cost. Raydium has the pioneering advantage of being an AMM in Serum and will be an integral part of bringing new and existing projects and protocols into the ecosystem.

In the long term, Raydium aims to capture and maintain the leading position among AMMs and LPs on Serum. At the same time leverage the power of Solana to accelerate the growth of DeFi accounts and emerge as the leading protocol in the space with partners and the community.

Here is all the information GTA Research team did research on Raydium and is not investment advice. Hope this article will help you get the necessary information and give your personal opinion about the project.

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