What is Pin Bar Candlestick? Learn more about Pin Bar candlesticks


Pin Bar candlestick very often appears in trading, especially it often signals a trend reversal. Today, in a series of technical analysis tutorials, I will go with you to learn what Pin Bar Candles are!

What is Pin Bar Candlestick?

Pin bar candlestick is shaped like a pin, it has a long shadow and a very short body.

Pin Bar candlestick is a single candle, it represents a rejection of the highest or lowest price. Then reverse and go in the opposite direction.

Pin Bar candlesticks often appear at resistance/support levels. Many brothers often use it in combination with patterns like price action, or in combination with Fibonacci (retracement) to trade.

The Pin Bar candlestick must be made up of: The shadow of the candle is very long and the body is very short to be considered a Pin bar candle.

What is the detailed structure of Pin Bar candles?

Standard Pin Bar candles must ensure the following structure:

The Pin bar candle represents a False Breakout.

The body of the candle is very short (1/3 of the length of the candle), lying on one side

The tail (head) of the candle is very short

Types of Pin bar candles

Bullish Pin Bar

These are Bullish Pin bar patterns

Bearish Pin Bar

Here are some examples of Bearish Pin Bar candlesticks

How to enter an order with a Pin bar candle

Normally, you should trade with Pin bar candles when the market is in a resistance/support position, it will be more accurate.

Most of the time it’s not in the top and body of the candle. The head and body of the candle should be formed minutes or seconds before the close of the candle.

Pin Bar candlestick is really suitable for scalping (fast trading) because it is easier to observe the chart than long-term frames.

How to enter detailed orders

Market (market) order.

As soon as your position is at the resistance/support level, you can boldly enter the trade to catch the trend as soon as possible. CLOSE CANDLE CANDLE. You have to remember carefully, creating a Pin bar right at the close of the candle will be more reliable.

How to enter a Stop order

This way of entering an order will be a bit safer than a market order. With a buy order, you should place a buy order at the beginning of the candle, on the contrary, with a sell order, you should place a sell order at the beginning of the candle. That means you wait for confirmation of the reversal before entering the order, it will be safer.

How to enter a Limit order

I think this is the safest way, but if it’s too safe, you can lose the bet

For Bullish candlestick, the price will return to test at 50% of the candle and then increase. At this time, you place your order in the middle of the candle

For Bearish candlesticks, the price will return to test at 50% of the candle and then drop down. At this time, you place a sell order in the middle of the candle.

Experience when trading Pin Bar candles

You can combine with Pin bar candle with Fibonacci, Price action, tug-of-war, resistance, support… to enter orders, it will be much more effective.

In addition, you can combine all 3 orders Market, Stop and Limit to avoid missing the bet.

For example, when entering a market order, the price can retest 50% of the candle, then you will enter the next order.

And after having increased/decreased exactly like the above cases, you enter 1 more Stop order and wait for profit taking.

Install Stoploss: You should install Stoploss right below the candle’s tail, a short distance from the candle’s tail to make sure to avoid being swept. For Stop orders (buy at the top or sell at the bottom), you can set SL 50% of the candle, or 75% of the candle depending on the length of the candle.

Pinbar candles are suitable for scalping, especially the H1 and lower candles. If the Pin bar candle appears in the long-term frames, you can use it to determine the trend for the lower candles.

Closing: Pin bar candlestick signals a reversal, you can take a really high profit, how to always ensure the ratio of Risk:Reward 1:2. Or the best way is when you feel satisfied, you can take profits at will.

If you are familiar, you can take profit combined with Fibonacci…

Practical examples

Market order

As you can see, Bitcoin price did not retest 50% of the candle at all, but increased. If you enter the market order, you have already won.

Limit command

As this is the case, the price has returned to test ~50% of the pin bar candle. You can enter a Market order right away, but you will lose a little when it retests 50% of the candles. At this time, you enter a Limit order, waiting for the price to increase. It is possible to take profit on the market order when the price increases, and keep the Limit order to continue.


The market is always risky, not always having a pin bar will reverse. The price is always cleverly challenging us traders. If you get a stop loss, that’s normal, guys! It is important that you keep your sanity every time you lose an order to succeed, avoiding bitterness. Wish you luck!

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