What is Pangolin(PNG)? Why invest in Pangolin(PNG).

Avalanche is a network that is emerging recently, with the optimization of speed as well as transaction fees Avalanche is strengthening and promoting users to its ecosystem. DeFi is a growing segment in the ecosystem, which must be mentioned Pangolin – The most developed AMM DEX in the ecosystem. So today I will analyze it Pangolin Is there anything and is it worth your investment?

What is Pangolin?

Pangolin is a decentralized exchange (DEX) built on Avalanche, using the same AMM (Automated Market Making) model as Uniswap. With Pangolin, users can interact with the above assets Avalanche and Ethereum with instant speed and extremely low fees.

Project features?

Similar to other AMMs, Pangolin also has the following features:

  • Swap: Swap above Pangolin simple, cost effective and high speed. While this is a feature that any other AMM platforms have, the speed and efficiency with which it is implemented provides significant cost savings for traders.
  • Add Liquidity: When providing liquidity, users will receive 0.25% of traders’ transaction fees. This incentivizes users to provide liquidity

Similar projects?

Some AMM DEXs on other ecosystems are also growing:

Highlights of Pangolin

  • The first: Pangolin Fast transaction speed and very low cost. Because Pangolin is built on Avalanche, it allows users to exchange assets while still enjoying the final transaction value and low transaction fees. Transactions on Pangolin as fast as trading on centralized exchanges.
  • Second: In addition to significant performance improvements, Pangolin community oriented. Native Governance Token – PNG allows the community to drive the development of the product.
  • BILLIONTuesday: Pangolin has a 100% community focused token distribution model which means all tokens are distributed directly to the community without any allocation to team, advisors, investors or insiders.


Roadmap for 2021

Group Pangolin began planning and developing a roadmap focused on new features, ecosystem expansion, and continuous iteration that will make Pangolin better than ever. The following areas have been identified as key to the success and long-term growth of the Pangolin project.

Completing the project’s PNG token promotion product will promote the deployment of the list on many centralized exchanges to attract the community. Also a way to promote and introduce the project

The immediate project has been listed on Gate.io – as one of the top 10 CEX exchanges.

Launched staking feature to incentivize users to hold project tokens. Besides, there is a policy of burning tokens to reduce the inflation process, helping PNG prices to be better kept.

Upgrade the interface to improve user-friendly features to help users have the best possible experience.

Add more liquidity pairs, increase liquidity pairs rewards to incentivize users.

The improved governance system will give users more access to vote on the changes they want, as well as make the project quicker to propose new changes.

Find and cooperate with partners to promote liquidity and improve features.

Building the infrastructure to pull liquidity is another goal Avalanche Processing. Projects on Avalanche are not yet seamlessly connected to each other. Pangolin is participating in many projects and researches to have a connection model between projects on the ecosystem.

You see the project’s Roadmap is quite clear with the development goal, Pangolin is gradually growing on the ecosystem Avalanche in particular and DEX in general.




Many organizations cooperate with Pangolin such as: Beefy.finance, Coin98, DeFi Yield…




Token Use Cases (What token is used for in the project)

The role of PNG Token is to administer the platform:

  • Governance: Propose and vote on changes to the fee structure or new products.
  • Create Buy Demand: Used to provide liquidity to pools with PNG LP tokens.

Traders’ transaction fees are 0.30%, but liquidity providers will only receive up to 0.25% of these fees, with 0.05% fee being proposed for PNG token holders but has not been passed.

Basic information

  • Token Name: Pangolin token
  • Ticker: PNG
  • Blockchain: Avalanche Network
  • Token Standard: ARC20
  • Contract: 0x60781c2586d68229fde47564546784ab3faca982
  • Token type: Governance, Utility,…
  • Total Supply: 538,000,000 PNG
  • Circulating Supply: 36,880,053 PNG

Token Allocation

95% of tokens are given to liquidity miners and 5% to airdrop recipients.

Token Release Schedule

Starting at 256 M tokens for the first four years, the number of tokens is distributed every four years, which means the next four years contribute about a quarter, etc. This model continues in perpetuity. For reference, for the first four years, about 175,342 PNGs will be distributed per day for liquidity operations. The full distribution schedule of PNG in the liquidity mining allocation is as below:

Time Total PNG Distributed PNG / Day
0 – 4 years 256 CODE ~ 175 CZK
4 – 8 years 128 CODE ~ 87 CZK
8 – 12 years 64 CODE ~ 44 CZK
12 – 16 years 32 US ~ 22 CZK
16 – 20 years 16 US ~ 11 CZK
20 – 24 years 8 US ~ 5 CZK
24 – 28 years 4 US ~ 2 CZK

Current PNG token rate

Where to buy and sell PNG?

You can swap directly on Pangolin

Or on gate.io


AMM is still one of the strongest segments in Defi, we can see AMM projects on other ecosystems quite successful like Uniswap on Ethereum or Pancakes on Binance Smart Chain. Avalanche is a growing ecosystem and has significant improvements compared to previous projects. Pangolin is inheriting that advantage and growing stronger.

Above are GTA’s reviews of the project Pangolin, hope through the above article you have some comments about this project. The above are personal objective assessments and not investment advice, hope you guys often give criteria for yourself before “down”. Thank you!

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