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What is MXC floor?

MXC is a Bitcoin exchange founded by a team of leading experts from Wall Street, Blockchain technology experts from Japan and Europe.

MXC Exchange is not only a cryptocurrency trading platform, but MXC also provides Blockchain asset circulation service to make it more secure, smarter and more convenient.

The platform is supporting 6 languages: Chinese, English, Vietnamese, Korean, Japanese and Indonesian.

MXC exchange has a trading volume of about 860,554 million USD according to Coinmarketcap. The exchange has about 119 trading pairs with USDT, ETH, BTC, MX markets.

MXC is currently offering token trading, OTC trading, financial products and smart contracts.

In particular, in addition to being able to buy Bitcoin, you can buy a lot of hot alts recently: JST, SXP, UGAS…

Pros and cons of MXC what


Many features: There are many platforms, from Spot exchange to marign, OTC, Futures…

High security: In addition to KYC verifying identity, MXC exchange also allows Anti-Fishing security layer to confirm official information from the exchange.

Very high referral commission: Ranging from 20-80%, depending on how many MX you hold

No KYC but still withdraw a lot of money: If you do not KYC, you can still withdraw 5 BTC/day.

Support multiple coins: The exchange has a lot of coins with markets: BTC, ETH, MX, USDT

Yes App: Both iOS and Android

Support multiple languages: The platform is supporting 6 languages: Chinese, English, Vietnamese, Korean, Japanese and Indonesian.


The interface is a bit difficult to use

There are some small errors when using: Loading coins is a bit slow, frozen..

MXC exchange fee

MXC transaction fees are: 0.2%

Deposit fee: Free

Withdrawal fee: Depends on coin

You can refer here: https://www.mxc.com/info/fee

What is MXC exchange coin?

MXC exchange coin is MX tokens.

MX is considered as proof of rights and profits of the trading platform.

  • Total supply: 1 billion
  • Burn Coin: burned 40 million MX
  • Total circulation: 270 million MX (currently)
  • How to receive: Dig or buy coins

60% of MXC trading fees are used to reward MX holders. The remaining 40% is used to buy back the MX people hold from the market and burn coins every month.

Besides, MX holders also have the right to vote for teams, community activities and many other benefits.

Instructions for registering an account on MXC

Registration link: https://www.mxc.com/auth/signup

There are 2 ways to register an account: Register with Email and Register with Phone Number. I will sign up by email!

Please fill in the password, note: Password includes letters, numbers, uppercase characters and special characters ([email protected]#$%^^&* something). (Can be set as template: [email protected]#$, for example something like that.)

Done, click: Sign UP

So ok.

When logging in, it asks you to get the code to your email, go to the email to get the confirmation code to log in!

Instructions for verifying accounts on MXC

You can access the Section: User Center

Step 2: Enter your ID card information

Brothers enter: Name, ID number, and Upload 3 photos: Front of ID card, back of ID card, selfie photo holding ID card Form.

Then press SUBMIT and wait for it to be processed, guys!

Instructions to enable 2FA on MXC

Also in User Center, you choose Google Authentication

Next, if you do not have the software yet Google Authenticator then you can go up Appstore download or CH PLAY to download.

Then you turn on the Google Authen software and scan the QR code. After scanning, enter the code sent to your email and enter the 2FA code to activate!

Ok, that’s it, guys!

Instructions for linking with phone numbers

Also in User Center, you choose Bind Phone

Next, fill in your phone number and activate it!

Instructions for depositing and withdrawing coins on MXC

Top up coins

Brothers visit: Assets My Assets

Next, scroll down, find the coin you want to choose and press Deposit

Withdraw coins

Similar to Top up coins, now you press Withdraw To withdraw coins!

Guide to trading futures (futures)

Futures trading has 2 positions: Long (buy into), Short (sold out). Generally, if you think it’s going up, you’ll buy it, and if you think it’s going down, you’ll sell it.

To learn more about Futures or margin, please refer to the following article: What is Margin Trading? Learn the details of playing Margin (Margin Trading)

To trade futures (Futures), you choose the tab Futures.

Trading futures on MXC is quite simple, the exchange currently supports trading: BTC, ETH, EOS, BCH, ETC, XRP, BSV, LINK, ATOM, ONT, ZEC, DASH, XRP, DASH, XTZ, QTUM.

Personally, I see a lot of coins for trading.

Here we have 5 main areas:

first: Chart

2: Orderbook

3: Trades just opened on the exchange

4: Placement area

5: Orders in progress, pending orders and transaction history

You can choose another trading pair by clicking on the words: BTC_USDT SWAP as on the picture.

How to choose leverage

You click the button as shown in the picture, then choose the lever you want! New traders should choose a small leverage, x10-30 is reasonable, because that will also avoid a lot of risks.

How to place orders

There are 4 types of orders that are: Market, Limi, t Stop Limit, Stop marketm, however, I will show you how to operate on Market and Limit orders.

You choose the command Market (the exchange will match the current best price for you), enter the amount of USDT you want to trade and press Long/Short

If you choose the command Limit, that is, you will wait for the price match at the price you want!

As shown in the picture, you wait for the Bitcoin price to drop to 9200, then the Long 100 USDT order will be activated.

How to close an order

You choose the item Close Position, enter the amount entered here, then press Close Long/Short.

If you choose the command Market then the order will be closed, and if you choose the order Limit then will wait to close the order at the desired price.

How to handle loss of 2FA

If you lose 2FA, you can contact Support of the exchange through the following channels:

How to get referral link

To get the ref link, please go here!: https://www.mxc.com/invite/rebate

Other related questions

Should you trade MXC? – Yes, I personally see that the exchange has a lot of altcoins, which are worth trading

Is the exchange a scam? Currently not!

Has the floor ever been hacked? Up to now, there is no news related to being hacked. You can trade with peace of mind

Minimum withdrawal limit:

Depending on each Crypto coin, they have different withdrawal limits. Here, I only show the minimum withdrawal limit of 5 top coins:

  • Bitcoin: 0.01 BTC
  • Ethereum: 0.05 ETH
  • Tether: 25 USDTB
  • Binance Coin: 0.2 BNB
  • Bitcoin Cash: 0.02 BCH ONLY

Ok so I have introduced very carefully what MXC is and detailed instructions on this floor. Wishing you all a successful coin trading season!

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