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Konomi is one of the first parachain-launched projects on the network of Polkadot. The current Polkadot ecosystem has developed very quickly, the projects built on this network have “bloomed” quickly.

Growing projects require Polkadot distilling projects to deploy on parachain in a very strict manner.

Let’s work with GTA to learn about the Konomi project right away.

What is Konomi?

According to information from the development team, Konomi is a cross-chain crypto assets platform built on the ecosystem of Polkadot.

The use of substrate as the main framework for development, this will make Konomi better interaction with the network Polkadot

The project team has developed protocols that support money management, users’ money positions and allow them to trade and earn through market products.

Features of Konomi

With the superiority of the network Polkadot, Konomi has made good use of the advantages of this network to design a platform crypto assets the best.

Konomi provides optimal solutions for users to manage their crypto assets.

It solves all users’ needs for liquidity, provides financial products and invests in projects on the internet. Polkadot.

The project provides financial products to optimize the return on investment of users.

Konomi’s products

Konomi Trade

Konomi providing access to liquidity for assets in the ecosystem Polkadot for users. Above Konomi Trade Users can transaction (exchange) any crypto-assets Polkadot support.

It supports liquidity protocols by smart contracts with AMM products.

Konomi Lend

Konomi Lend is a protocol implemented on Konomi, this protocol provides borrowing and lending solutions so that users can lend or borrow assets crypto.

Structure of Konomi Lending quite similar to the structure of the projects Lending-Borrow Other products in the market are developed based on the model of collateralized debt position.

This feature has a unique feature that encourages users to hold assets and generate compound interest for the financial market.

Konomi Wallet

Konomi Wallet will aggregate user positions in the decentralized wallet. This reduces the difficulty for new users entering the field Defi and help them track locations in the protocol.

Konomi Wallet will support Konomi Trade and Konomi Bank to provide the ultimate in asset management experience.

Project highlights

Konomi using Polkadot’s substrate as framework for development, this will make Konomi solve the problem of throughput speed and transaction fees.

Konomi allows trading of many different token pairs, on Konomi Trade Users can trade many different token pairs, different blockchains on their network. Other blockchains just need to connect to Polkadot then Konomi will allow trading of tokens on the blockchain.

Konomi will be deployed and launched parachain, according to the information provided by the development team, in the third quarter of 2021 Konomi will be launched parachain.

Similar projects

If we look at it in general terms Konomi there are still some similarities to a project working on arrays Lending & Borrow. Here I will introduce a few projects below that have some similar features with Konomi.

This is one of my projects about Lending- Borrow first in the crypto market. With TVL (Total Value Lock) has now reached 10.5 billion USD.

The next project has also had a very good growth performance in recent times. MarkerDao has also built its own ecosystem.

The last project I mentioned is Compound Finance. APY level above Compound attractive enough to entice a lot of investors who want to increase and improve and improve their investment performance.

Roadmap- Project roadmap

Quarter 4 of 2020:

  • Launch Testnet
  • Support for decentralized liquidity and DEX

Quarter 1 of 2021:

  • Join the parachain auction
  • Supply Defi products to Polkadot
  • Launch dashboard

Second quarter of 2021:

  • Mobile wallet development
  • Virtual machine support for deployment smart contract

3rd quarter of 2021:

  • Officially running on parachain
  • Connect to other parachain assets on Polkadot using XCMP technology
  • Integrate fiat payments

Quarter 4 of 2021:

  • Run Mainnet
  • Deploy Admin Module

Team- Development team

The development team has many years of experience in the field of technology in general and cryptocurrencies in particular.

Ariel Ho (Founder): She has 7 years of experience in tech startups, she is also the founder of High Mall IndoorNavigation…

Jayden Antonio (COO): With 8 years of experience in Tech Startups field. He is also a director at OFO Singapore.

Yuqing Zhao (CMO): With 7 years of experience in developing social media channels and building and developing communities and teams. She has partnered with many different companies such as: Shoppee, Grap, Lazada, Huawei, Casio,… And some members have many years of experience in other industries…

Investor- Investor

Konomi completed a fundraising round with an amount of up to $ 5,000,000 in 3 investment rounds. With the participation of many strategic partners and leading VCs in the world, with famous names such as: Coin98 VC, CMS, AU21, LD Capital, Titan Ventures, MoonWhale,…

Partner- Partner

In addition to the participation of strategic partners and VCs participating in the funding round, Konomi There are also strategic partners with the participation of large projects such as ChainLink, Litentry, Polkastarter, bZx Protocol, Raze Network, etc.

These partners play a very important role in the long-term development of Konomi. The project promises to bring users a great experience.


Token Use Case

Konomi will issue its own native token with the code KONO, the token of Konomi will be used for system administration, in addition, KONO is also used for the following purposes:

Based on the model on the token provided by the project team: KONO is also used to Trade, Lend, Borrow In addition, KONO is used as a fee when users perform operations on the protocol’s system Konomi.

Users can also become Validators by Stake KONO according to the amount allowed by the supplier to be able to receive the rewards from Staking.

Token Basics

  • Token Name: Konomi Network Token
  • Ticker: KONO
  • Blockchain: Polkadot
  • Token Type: Governance, …
  • Contract: 0x850aab69f0e0171a9a49db8be3e71351c8247df4
  • Total supply: 100,000,000 KONO

Token Allocation

KONO is allocated as follows:
  • Sale 25%: 25,000,000 KONO
  • Marketing 18%: 18,000,000 KONO
  • Ecosystem and Partnership 15%: 15,000,000 KONO
  • Team 15%: 15,000,000 KONO
  • User Incentive 15%: 15,000,000 KONO
  • Foundation 12%: 12,000,000 KONO

Token Release Schedule


Current KONO Rate

Currently, KONO has been listed on a number of major exchanges and has a good trading volume. The rate of KONO I will get data from Coinecko so that everyone can follow and update more easily:

Where to buy and sell KONO reputable?

Currently, buying and selling KONO is very simple because KONO has been listed on exchanges DEX nice CEX big. Here are some exchanges that people can refer to when they want to add KONO to their portfolio.

For more information about KONO trading platforms, please refer here.

Project community


According to my personal assessment Konomi This is a project with great potential. Why do I say this:

Konomi support its protocol-based products and its substrate-based offering Polkadot this will help Polkadot increase scalability and attract more cash flows.

Next Konomi will launch on parachain according to the information provided by the development team. As you all know, Polkadot Only 100 slots are available parachain on its network.

Being able to participate in the auction for a slot on parachain will take place and the project side must have criteria that must be met for the network of Polkadot.

Finally the present marketcap of the Konomi quite low and the price is quite cheap. This is also one of my favorite tokens and is included in portfolio mine.

Here are some preliminary reviews of the project Konomi Network of GTA, hopefully through the above article you can get a basic assessment of this project. The above evaluation criteria are based on personal opinions and not investment advice. Thank you!

GTA Ventures

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