What is Keep Network (KEEP)? All information about the Keep Network project

Following the Research series and hot coins and tokens, GocTienAo would like to introduce to you a project: Keep Network

In this article, we have 3 main parts:

  • Keep Network (KEEP) What is it and was born to solve what problem?
  • KEEP and token-related information
  • Should you invest in? Keep Network are not?

What is Keep Network (KEEP)?

Keep Network is a security layer for blockchains that allows users and applications to store data privately.

What problem does Keep Network solve?

Public blockchains have brought unprecedented transparency and auditability to financial technology.

However, transparency also brings a lot of inconvenience to users, such as people can know what you have spent, where you live…. One of the strengths of the Public blockchain is transparency, but that is also its own weakness.

Keep Network was born to solve this problem. Specifically, please continue reading below.

How Keep Network solves the problem

Keep Network solves this problem with Keep – off-chain container for personal data.

Keep allows contracts to manage and use personal data without exposing it to the public blockchain, thus allowing smart contracts to maximize the potential of blockchain technology without compromising transparency or privacy private.

The data stored in Keep will be used to encrypt and store personal data, and the keeps must be protected by Secure Multi-Party Computing (sMPC) which allows the creation, storage, encryption and transmission of data between different users .

Keep provides a bridge between the world of public blockchain and private data. It created a wave of innovation for blockchain developers.

The applications of Keep are many, such as Keep is used to store personal data such as medical reports, credit ratings, financial data, etc. off the public blockchain.


Open source project that allows anyone to safely use BTC on the Ethereum Blockchain

tBTC makes it possible for you to safely and transparently use Bitcoin to operate on Ethereum in three simple steps:

B1: Get BTC

B2: Call for “signers’ group” to hold BTC safely and reliably (the “signers’ group” system allows tBTC to process transactions securely and transparently without the need for middlemen)

B3: After you have proved to the signer about the amount of BTC, receive tBTC with the ratio 1:1

This means that for every tBTC in circulation, there is always at least one BTC locked in the system

Information about tokens

What is KEEP?

KEEP is the project’s native token

Current information

  • Ticker: KEEP
  • Blockchain: Ethereum
  • Token Standard: ERC-20
  • Circulating supply: 457,820,624 KEEP
  • Total supply: 1,000,000,000 KEEP

KEEP Token Allocation

Currently the token is present on which exchange?

Currently, tokens KEEP has been traded on exchanges such as Uniswap (V2), Kraken, MXC.COM, Coinbase

Similar projects?

Secret Network (SCRT) – the first open source blockchain that provides data privacy by default with the goal of sustainably improving the adoption and usability of security solutions, for the benefit of all people.

Team, Partners and Investors & Advisors



  • Coinbase Custody
  • Anchorage
  • Bison Trails
  • Staked
  • Figment Network
  • Stake Capital
  • Blockdaemon
  • Infinity Stones
  • HashQuark

Investors & Advisors




completed the roadmap

Media channel of the project

Should you invest in the project?

Through what GocTienAo shared with you, I hope that you have grasped a part of the project and can make your own investment decisions!


The above article has provided you with an overview to the details of the Keep Network project. Hope GocTienAo has given you useful information about the project. If you find it interesting, please share the article with your friends!

All investment statements above are personal. All investment decisions are made by you and you are responsible for your assets. Good luck!

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