What is Dash? Things to know about the latest DASH coin in 2020

DASH coin got off to a great start to 2020. From the first day of this year to the present time, price DASH already Tripled.


  • What is Dash??
  • DASH coin What’s special?
  • DASH . Wallet Which is safe?
  • Should I invest DASH coin or not?
  • Buy and sell DASH Where is the reputation guaranteed?

If you are looking for answers to these questions, then this article is what you are looking for. In addition, it also provides you with interesting things about blockchain DASH as well as copper DASH coin.

So what are you waiting for, let’s start writing!

What is Dash?

Dash is a blockchain technology application platform to provide a solution for the payment field.

Blockchain DASH is a hard fork of Bitcoin. Dash was born with the aim of solving many problems in Bitcoin by speeding up transactions, providing a stronger private finance foundation.

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Dash’s history

January 18, 2014 is the date to mark the event “XCoin”, developed by Evan Duffield, complete the hard fork from the Bitcoin root chain.

1 month later, in February 2014 XCoin make renaming to Darkcoin. As a blockchain that provides a powerful private and anonymous transaction solution, it is not surprising that DarkCoin frequently used by objects on the dark market.

In order to avoid a bad reputation for the project and related legal issues, DarkCoin again changed its name to Dash (Digital Cash) on March 15, 2015.

Since then, Dash has always been a solidly developed blockchain platform and DASH coin, the base coin of the Dash blockchain, has always been in the top of the most notable cryptocurrencies.

The solution that Dash brings

When it was first released, Dash provided 3 solutions that could be said to be groundbreaking at that time: Masternodes, InstantX, DarkSend.

What are Masternodes?


Masternodes are a compromise solution between PoW and PoS protocols. It is completely different from the PoW protocol that Bitcoin uses

PoW with miners playing the role of creating new blocks. Each block is added blockchain is considered a “confirmation”, but transactions are only considered complete when there are at least 6 confirmations.

Dash uses a two-tier network. The first layer works the same way as Bitcoin: miners find blocks and transactions are then included in the blockchain.

Layer 2, which includes special servers called Masternodes, which enables additional features such as instant transactions (InstantX), private transactions (Darksend).

You can just run Masternodes if you have at least 1000 DASH. If you are running Masternodes but withdraw your DASH balance to less than 1000, Masternodes will automatically turn off.

What is InstantX?

InstantX stands for “instant transactions” and this is a technology that allows transactions to be fully confirmed within just 4 seconds.

It uses the 2nd layer of blockchain DASH (Masternodes) to generate a key when a transaction is generated on the network.

DASH coin of this transaction is locked and cannot be double-spent; The DASH blockchain will not allow the cancellation of the locked transaction.

In summary with InstantX Your transaction is like a one-way transaction, irrevocable and non-returnable.

What is DarkSend?


DarkSend is a feature that helps users hide the origin of their transactions.

With this feature, Dash is known as one of the most powerful anonymous coins.

When using DarkSend, you will send request to masternodes via Dash Wallet.

After masternodes receive the request, they will mix the DASH of transactions of the same number. This coin mixing process will shuffle the receiving and sending wallet addresses together. When the process of mixing coins is completed, the amount DASH in the wallets of the traders will be fully received but the origin will be concealed.

What is DASH coin?


DASH coin as stated above is the base currency of the Dash blockchain.

With the features and solutions that Dash blockchain brings, DASH coin has become a perfect cryptocurrency for anonymous payments.

Besides the anonymity DASH also has extremely fast transaction speed (through InstantX).

If you need a coin that is anonymous and has a high transaction speed then DASH This is an option that you should not ignore.

How to dig DASH

Do DASH combines both Proof-of-Work (PoW) and Proof-of-Stake (PoS) transaction confirmation protocols, so you will have 2 methods to choose from. peach DASH.

The first way is to use CPU or GPU, ASIC. If you want DASH mining Details of this method can be found at Mining — Dash latest document.

And the second way is to become Masternodes. To become Masternodes You can find detailed information at Settings — Dash latest documentation.

Block rewards for miners peach DASH in 2 ways will be divided equally 45% DASH newly created coin

What is DASH used for?

DASH is the base currency of the Dash blockchain because of its first and obvious function DASH coin that is used to pay the transaction fee of the network.

Besides that DASH is the block reward for the workers digging DASH.

Besides DASH can also be used to pay for products and services in places that accept DASH payments. You can refer to the list of those Merchants at: Where to spend?

DASH . Wallet

Similar to other cryptocurrencies, DASH . wallet is where you store DASH.

In addition to storage, with DASH wallet you can withdraw, receive DASH coin.

Currently, wallets support storage as well as transactions DASH relatively common.

  • On the computer: Dash Core, Dash Electrum, Exodus,…
  • Mobile App: Dash Android, Dash iOS, Trust Wallet…
  • Cold wallet: Trezor wallet; Ledger Nano S, Nano X.

Besides, if you often trade buy and sell DASH should be stored at reputable exchanges for convenient trading. Some exchanges you can refer to such as Bitmoon, Binance, Huobi, etc.

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Should invest Dash coin or not?

The question should Dash investment or not is difficult to answer. It depends a lot on subjective and objective causes. Therefore, in this article, I will highlight the objective factors. Thereby readers can analyze and come up with their own answers!

DASH price history

At the time of its release, price DASH was trading at 0.214 USD. This is also the lowest price ever of DASH. After being traded for a few days, price DASH edged up to trade above the $1 level.

During the first period of 2014 DASH gradually increased in price, in May 2014 for the first time, DASH was traded above 10 USD.

After a period of price increase, DASH was affected by the general trend of the market and at one point dropped to the price of 1 USD.

However, towards the end of 2017, the cryptocurrency market heated up DASH price increased sharply. This is also the time when DASH set its all-time high at $1,642.22 (December 20, 2017).

The impressive gain did not last long as the entire market fell. Up to now, after 2 months of continuous price increase, DASH is trading at 115.73 USD (divided by 10 from the peak) with a market capitalization of 1,080,245,309 USD, ranked 19th in the market.

Current DASH rate:

Dash Ecosystem

Dash was born with the goal of creating a payment platform with fast transaction speed and superior anonymity, so the team is increasingly pushing the application into practice.

More and more service platforms allow payment in DASH. At its peak there are more than 4800 DASH payment affiliate providers.

However, at the moment, it seems that the growth rate of the number of affiliate providers is slowing down and showing signs of slowing down.

Where is a reputable place to buy and sell DASH?

At the present time, investing in cryptocurrencies as well as buying and selling cryptocurrencies has become much more popular. It is considered one of the most popular ways to make money online. That’s why, the buy and sell DASH has also become much simpler.

You can choose to buy on the international floor or buy on the exchange in VND. In addition, you can still buy on the black market, but this form is not recommended. Although the prices on the black market are very good, the risks associated with scams are very large, only experienced and “old” people should participate in this market.

How to buy and sell DASH in VND

Currently, there are many exchanges that support cryptocurrency trading in VND, but separately buy and sell DASH reputation, my best currently is the Bitmoon exchange.

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The advantage of Bitmoon is low fees, high liquidity, support for many coins and can store coins right on the exchange. Besides, Bitmoon has been operating for a relatively long time and the reputation level is guaranteed.

Bitmoon has relatively high liquidity and reputation, so I believe that with basic trading needs, cash out in VND, Bitmoon is enough to apply.

Prestigious international DASH trading platform

The advantage of all international exchanges is that they support many types of coins, besides also supporting other forms of trading such as Margin, Futures.

For those of you who have traded a lot and have experience, you can use and trade regularly on international markets.

Below is the floor name and transaction fee comparison table for your reference.

If you want to learn about which floor, you can click on that floor’s name in the table, there will be a detailed article on that floor.

Exchanges Transaction fee
Binance 0.015-0.100%
Houbi 0.070-0.20%
Okex 0.060 – 0.150%
Bitfinex 0-0.2%
Bittrex 0.25% (most sour – should not trade)
Kucoin 0.080 – 0.100%

Although the international exchange has the advantage of trading volume as well as high liquidity, the disadvantage is that you cannot trade in VND. Almost every transaction buy and sell DASH All of you use USDT for transactions.


Dash and DASH At the time of its launch, it introduced a new solution of “whatever and such” as Masternodes and powerful anonymity feature. Besides, the promotion of platform application Dash into payment services will partly increase usage demand DASH coin.

I hope this article has provided you with the most necessary information when you want to learn about Dash.

Although it will take some time to read the entire article, I hope that your time will not be wasted.

If you find the article interesting and useful, do not hesitate to share it with your friends.

Good luck!

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