What is Cyclos (CYS)? AMM project similar to Uniswap V3 on the Solana blockchain

During the hackathon on Solana Cyclos emerged as one of the prominent AMMs in the Solana system and was evaluated as Uniswap V3 on Solana. So what’s so special about Cycles? Brothers, please also GTA Research team Learn about Cyclos through the article below.

What is Cyclos??

Cyclos is a Uniswap V3-style centralized Liquidity Automator Market Maker (AMM) for Solana. Unlike other AMMs, Cyclos allows LPs to choose a price range for their liquidity.

Is built in Solana Ecosystem Candlestick Cyclos helps users to trade assets quickly with low transaction fees. Cyclos understood as a project built on Serums so it will give users a familiar AMM experience for users DeFi on Solana.

Highlights of Cyclos

Cyclos sets itself apart from other AMMs with the same liquidity pooling feature as Uniswap V3. Strengths of Cyclos is built on the Solana ecosystem, so users will not have to suffer from network congestion and high transaction fees.

When AMMs compete to execute orders on Serum, the two most important factors are:

Order Volume : Trading with higher volume means higher profits for LP, by deploying capital at selected price range, LP facilitates larger orders, resulting in increased rewards.

Order Distribution : Profit is obtained only when the order is completed, placing liquidity at optimal price ranges increases the use of LP funds.

Features of Cyclos

Centralized Liquidity (AMM) allows LPs to allocate assets within a customized price range, efficient capital optimization, and asset pricing.

• A reasonably bullish market for trading LPs encourages opening positions they believe have the best liquidity.

• Traders have access to better liquidity, LPs earn higher yields.

• The LP range limit order will provide a single token in a custom price range above or below the current market price.

• Optimized Impermanent Loss for LP.

• Cyclos is developed on Solana, providing a lot of extensibility.

How Cyclos . works

LPing to Cyclos: LP provides liquidity by locking the assets of a trading pair at a freely defined rate, within a specific price range. This price range is simulated by a set of discrete positions, distinct from each other by the smallest possible increment, called a “tick”.

Aggregating liquidity: The liquidity of all individual LPs is aggregated on a “tick” basis.

LPing to Serum: a subset of all aggregate “ticks” deposited into the Order-book on the Serum. While the exact number is subject to change, it is currently around 10 to 15 ticks per buyer/seller.

Distribution fee: The fee will be divided equally into 4 parts:

• Cyclos Treasury.

• Token Buy-back.

• CYS Stakers.

• Liquidity provider.

Update positions: As the market moves and orders are filled, there is a chance that the initially even distribution of liquidity becomes one-sided. There will be a system to regulate this liquidity problem every few seconds. This serves two purposes: To ensure that liquidity is distributed evenly, and to ensure that the maximum amount of liquidity is actively used.

Similar projects

Uniswap V3

When was the project established?

The project was established in May 2021

The project’s Twitter was established in May 2021 and currently has more than 4K Follows.

Team – Project team


Roadmap – Project Roadmap

July 2021

Security auditing: Partnership with key ecosystem player

Testnet Launch: Incentivized testnet feedback

August 2021

V1 Launch: Public sale / TGE / Liquidity Mining


Governance V1 : Expansion stable asset pairs

Investors & Partners

Cyclos received 1 million dollars from investors: CMS, Hashkey, Solana Capital, Huobi Ventures, Coin98 Ventures, MXC, Gate.io, Illusionist Group, Skyvision Capital, and Petrock Capital.


Cyclos . token details

Token name : Cyclos

Tiker : CYS

Total Supply : 100,000,000 CYS

Token Allocation

Seed : 6.2%

Strategic : 4.2 %

Public Sale : 1%

Team : 17%

Advisor : 3%

Liquidity Rewards : 35%

Ecosystem : 20%

Marketing: 5%

Serum Staking : 3.6%

Initial Liquidity : 5%

Token Reset Schedule


Token Use Case


Cyclos . token rate


Buy – Sell Cyclos . tokens



Website: https://cyclos.io/

Twitter : https://twitter.com/cyclosfi

Telegram: https://t.me/cyclosofficialchat

Medium: https://medium.com/@cyclosfinance


Cyclos is one of the leading projects in the batch Hackathon Solana. They have an experienced team, so we can completely count on an AMM project similar to Uniswap V3 on the Solana blockchain.

Here is all the information GTA Research team studied about Cyclos and is not investment advice. Hopefully this article will help you get the necessary information and give your personal opinions about the project.

Brothers and sisters can join the discussion GTA team

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