What is Coin98 (C98)? 5 reasons you should consider investing in C98?

Coin98 is a DeFi ecosystem born to help users access DeFi easily. Coin98 has developed a range of products to fully serve the needs of users, from transactions, storage to asset management, lending, savings,…

Coin98’s products are provided on Multi-chain, providing an outstanding smart DeFi experience for users, they do not need to take too many steps or have a lot of in-depth knowledge about Blockchain.

Today, I will give 5 reasons that you can consider to invest in C98 after choosing for yourself a good position. Together GTA Ventures let’s start!

Project team

Coin98 is a project with 100% Vietnamese team, experienced and built long-term products in the Crypto industry. This can be considered the pride of Vietnam when Coin98 has made a big splash in the market when issuing tokens. Coin98’s founding team includes:

  • Le Thanh: Founder of Coin98, he is the one who started the development of Coin98 Community for the past 4 years. Besides developing the Coin98 ecosystem, Mr. Thanh is also an advisor of a number of other domestic and foreign Crypto projects. Thanh is considered a person with outstanding thinking and vision.
  • Nguyen The Vinh: Co-Founder of Coin98, he is the manager of the entire technical department in Coin98, developing all the company’s products. Originally from FPT and met a Thanh. The two men combined to build a million dollar empire in just 4 years.

So when choosing to invest in a certain project, the human factor or the project team will also be a criterion for you to evaluate and consider whether to invest or not? They are the “drivers” of the boat, can reach far or not, it depends on the vision and thinking, as well as the products the project creates. Personally, looking at the way Coin98 has walked in the market, I strongly believe in the project team of Coin98 – a project of Vietnamese people, working professionally, of great size.

Backer & Partner.

Coin98 Labs completed fundraising $12.5M$ in both seed and private rounds (Seed — 1.25M$ and Strategic — 11.25M$) in which the outstanding funds are:

  • Hashed: Global Blockchain Investment Fund with a quality team from Seoul and Silicon Valley.
  • ParaFi Capital: A company that invests in alternative products (commodities, crypto, derivatives, …), focusing on Blockchain and DeFi markets.
  • Spartan Capital: Not only is a large investment fund in the Crypto market, but also works as an Advisory for large projects such as Dapper, Blockfolio, Solana, etc.
  • Multicoin Capital: Famous investment fund, invested by Binance.

Some of Coin98’s major partners include:

  • Binance: The largest cryptocurrency exchange currently on the Crypto market.
  • Coinecko: Today’s big data aggregation platform, supporting more than 2000 cryptocurrencies and more than 50 blockchains.
  • Kyber Network: One of the pioneering projects in the Blockchain field in Vietnam, Kyber Network is currently one of the leading AMMs on Ethereum.

Looking at these investors, do you think a Vietnamese project can do this? But the truth is, it is Vietnam’s Coin98. How many times a Vietnamese project has received the trust of a bigger shark than Shark Tank, what do you still wonder about the quality of the project?

C98 token payment schedule

The C98 token unlocking schedule will take place as follows:

  • Ecosystem Growth: 4 years vesting, 30% at TGE (Token Generation Event), then locked for 1 year and unlocked every block from year 2.
  • Community Development: 4 years vesting, 30% at TGE (Token Generation Event), then locked for 1 year and unlocked every block from year 2.
  • Team: 4 years vesting, 1 year locking and unlocking in each block from the 2nd year.
  • Strategic Sale: 2 years vesting, 1 year lock and unlock by block from 2nd year.
  • Treasury: 4 years vesting, 10% at TGE (Token Generation Event), then locked for 1 year and unlocked every block from year 2.
  • Seed Sale: 3 years vesting, 1 year lock and unlock in each block from the 2nd year.
  • Binance Launchpad Sale: 100% Unlocked at TGE.
  • Advisors: 3 years vesting, 1 year locking and unlocking in each block from the 2nd year.

Coin98 prioritizes community building and goes a long way in the market, aiming to become Vietnam’s “unicorn” in the Blockchain field.

The question is, if you buy c98 now, how long can you hold it? In my personal opinion, If I invest to buy C98 tokens now, I will consider it safe 1 to 2 years later. Because of the 4-year lock mechanism, the case of being sold by shark investors causing the price to collapse is rare. This can see the long-term vision of the Vietnamese project, don’t worry about the scam project for C98!

Coin98’s Core Product

The reason I mention Coin98 Wallet here and not other things. Because it is the core product to pull users to this ecosystem and when users use Coin98 Wallet a lot, it will feel more convenient than other existing wallets, thereby building trust with the community. and create a brand. When it comes to money, you’ll need to find a place to trust. And the product Coin98 Wallet has hit that mentality of the brothers.

Coin98 Wallet is the world’s first crypto wallet application that allows to send, receive and manage crypto assets similar to Trust wallet and MetaMask wallet. Supports many of the most popular and diverse blockchain platforms today such as: BTC, ETH, ERC20 tokens running on Ethereum, XRP, Binance Smart Chain, SOL, Near, Thor…

Besides, Coin98 also has a lot of practical functions for users with the All In one solution launched when the Defi world is in dire need. For example, it is possible to exchange multiple defi exchanges (Sushi, Uniswap, Pancakeswap…) on one application, the security and safety will still be prioritized over each individual wallet like Coin98’s competitors Safepal, Trustwallet are the 2 most popular top user wallets today.

Each wallet has its own number of users, but only Coin98 can do what other wallets want and cannot clone. It’s All In One Decentrialized. Coin98 team decided to choose Solana protocol as the foundation. Solana protocol is defi-specific network with rocket speed and virtually unlimited scaleup capabilities. Thus, they will attract many loyal users to the product, since then Solana is also supported from the community of users who are attached to Coin98 Wallet.

Recently, Coin98 Wallet Extension has been updated with superior features compared to other long-standing competitors such as Metamask, Trust Wallet is a wallet that supports the most available protocol networks without having to enter RPCs like Metamask. . This can be considered as a plus point about the USP of Coin98 Ecosystem compared to competitors.

Great community, very good marketing

A successful project cannot be without support from the community. Or it can be said that the community is the key to spreading the project to everywhere. Coin 98 is a team that always listens to a large community when they continuously AMA in blockchain & crypto communities at home and abroad to absorb and build products that are more and more relevant to the reality of users. . They regularly organize airdrops to encourage users to use the product and give feedback to the project. Coin98 has over 350k users, over 250 million transactions, and is present in over 150 countries. Those are the “talking” numbers that show the coverage of Coin98 in the world.

Coin98’s communication network is really large, they reach users through many different information channels, serving the needs of both new and old people when participating in the Crypto market. May be mentioned as:

  • Coin98 Insights: is an Analysis & Research channel about the crypto market. This is the largest and most important branch of Coin98 Network, which is responsible for transmitting information and in-depth knowledge to the community involved in investing in the crypto market.
  • Coin98 Analytics: focuses on analyzing data data in crypto, and presents them in the form of infographics for readers to easily capture insights.
  • Coin98 TV: Coin98 TV is a channel to share knowledge and insights in the crypto market through the Coin98 Insights channel on Youtube. Video outreach will help increase engagement and make it clearer and easier to understand for viewers. In the near future, Coin98 TV will launch many new series of practical content for the community such as: Livestream AMA Community Call, Podcast, Interview with Experts, Market Trend Analysis, …
  • Margin ATM: serving the Vietnamese trading community. Helping newcomers to the market learn the experience & knowledge of real traders in the industry.
  • Coin98 Academy: Coin98 Academy is a knowledge academy about the crypto market that helps you quickly grasp the basic knowledge, in-depth knowledge and the latest developments from the market. The knowledge was encapsulated in 2 courses Crypto 101 and DeFi 101 on the KTCity platform taught by Mr. Le Thanh – Founder of Coin98.
  • Coin98 Developers: Since successfully raising $5M ​​from Solana Fund, Coin98 Developers is a program that will launch in the future to encourage and attract developers to develop and improve Coin98 products.
  • Coin98 Scholarship: Coin98 Scholarships are scholarships for a number of universities such as FPT University, Foreign Trade University, … to encourage the younger generation to try their hand at crypto.

In my opinion, Coin98 is very strong in communication and good at building brands in Vietnam. They know how to spread and attract talents through the establishment of Coin98 Scholarship – a bridge to train personnel in the Crypto & Blockchain field.

They don’t stop at building a domestic brand, but also look to foreign countries. Coin98 recently made a big splash when it reached 1 billion USD in market capitalization after more than 1 month of launching the C98 token. With an ATH of $6,445, it has grown strongly specifically about 86 times the Private Sale price. Even as bitcoin struggled at $48,000, C98 bounced back to show its tremendous strength. Alongside that growth, the project also launched Coin98 Exchange, one of the main and most important products of the Coin98 ecosystem. This is considered a liquidity aggregator, decentralized cross-chain exchange on more than 20 blockchains along with many of the world’s leading AMMs.


In short, if you want to invest and hold C98 with a long-term view, the most important thing right now is not fomo, because the price of C98 has increased dramatically in the past time. What to do is to wait patiently for C98 to adjust to support prices, then divide the capital to buy gradually. Long-term contract, so you remember to leave a part of the capital for DCA to collect more when the price drops.

Here is all the information GTA Research team researched the project Coin98 and is not investment advice. Hope this article will help you get the necessary information and give your personal opinion about the project.

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