What is Casper Network (CSPR)? Does the Casper Network project have potential?

Casper Network is a Blockchain project that is the most foundational for businesses around the world, used to build a separate technology platform for their business.

In this article, let’s GTA Research Team go learn about Casper Network – a potential project with extremely good applicability in the future for global businesses.

What is Casper Network?

Casper Network is a smart contract platform built on the mechanism of Proof of Stake (PoS), based on Correct-By-Construction (CBS) technology.

Casper’s blockchain network helps provide the scalability, speed, and decentralization required.

Functions of the Casper Network project

Casper Network was developed to help organizations, businesses and corporations around the world improve their services and products through the application of Blockchain technology.

Casper Network has been attracting the attention of many developers in the world’s leading corporations such as Microsoft, Facebook, Amazon, etc.

Similar projects

Casper Network’s similar project is Ethereum

Casper is built on top of the CBC Casper specifications originally designed by the Ethereum developers.

Outstanding advantages of Casper Network

• CBS-Casper proof-of-stake: Casper is built on top of the CBC Casper specifications originally designed by the Ethereum developers.

• Enterprise Optimized (Optimized for Business): Enterprises can choose to build private applications or permission-requiring applications on the network. This allows greater flexibility in having the privacy of private networks and the security of public networks.

• Scalable (Scalability): Casper’s PoS architecture will enable sharding, a solution for scaling databases.

• Future Proof (The Platform of the Future): Unlike applications on other blockchains that are difficult to upgrade, Casper supports direct upgrades of smart contracts on-chain – eliminating the need to navigate governance and migration processes complex transfer. Predictable gas fees and WebAssembly ensure Casper grows as businesses do.


• January 2021: Private Validator Token Sale Round 2 ($11.9M)

• January 12, 2021: Casper releases final Highway Paper

• January 14, 2021: Casper successfully completed security audit by Trail of Bits

• Feb-2021: CasperLabs Expands to China and United Arab Emirates

• Mar-2021

Organize a Token Sale on Coinlist

March 31, 2021: Casper Launches Mainnet

Team – Project team

The developers of Casper Network mostly come from famous technology companies such as Adobe, Microsoft, Amazon, etc. Here are the key members of the project:

Mrinal Manohar (CEO): Mrinal used to work at Microsoft for a while before moving to Principal as head of TMT department. Then, spending 2 years working at Bain Capital fund worth more than 120 billion dollars and becoming one of the early investors of Ethereum, Blockstack,…

Medha Parlikar (CTO): Medha Parikar used to be the head of product and engineering with many years of experience providing production software at major corporations such as Adobe, Omniture, Avalara, MP3.com and DivX.

Clifford Sarkin (COO): Clifford Sarkin is a BA from the University of California Berkeley and holds a Law degree from Harvard Law School. Former Vice President of Business Development at DNA.Fund – a cryptocurrency investment fund.

Daniel Marfurt (CFO): Technology-oriented financial expert and fund manager. He used to be a financial manager at Status.im – a company in the crypto space with a market capitalization of more than 100 million USD.


Casper Network has raised $40M with 3 rounds of funding and received the investment of many large funds in the market such as: Hashkey Capital, Consensus Capital, Acuitas Group Holdings,…

Casper raised $14.5M in July 2019 and had 2 more rounds of Private sales for validators: the first round sold $14M in September 2020, the second round sold $11.9M in 2021, so Casper’s potential is very high. But besides that, due to the large number of tokens that investors hold, every time a token is unlocked, investors release the original CSPR, causing the CSPR price to have a sharp decrease in volatility. This is also seen as a limitation of Casper.


Casper Network has received much attention and cooperation from other big projects, among them are: Bitgo, Chainlink, GSR, DEV x DAO, Huobi Pool, etc.


Casper Network’s team of advisors are primarily founding members of market-based investment funds. For example, Deng Chao (CEO Hashkey Capital), Steven Chen (Co-Founder Noris Capital), James Haft (PAL Capital), …


Token Use Cases

CSPR has the typical uses of a Blockchain platform such as:

  • Rewards: Paying rewards to CSPR bearers for staking to maintain the network
  • Fees: CSPR will be used to pay fees for each transaction that occurs on the Casper Network

Basic information about the Casper . coin

Token Name: Casper Token

Tiker : Casper

Blockchain : Casper Network

Token Standard: …


Token Type : Utility, Governance Token

Total Supply: 10,371,040,983

Circulating Supply : 2,131,362,191

Token Allocation

Team: 8%

Developer Incentives: 16%

Advisors: 6%

Non-profit Casper Association: 20.3%

Casper Labs Holding AG: 10%

Coinlist Public Offering: 10%

Validator Sale R1: 19.5%

Validator Sale R2: 10.2%

CSPR Token Release Schedule

Token sale

Allocation (CSPR) Price ($)
Private Validator Round 1 1,400,000,000 VND 0.01
Private Validator Round 2 790,000,000 VND 0.015
Coinlist Sale Option 1 400,000,000 0.015
Coinlist Sale Option 2 300,000,000 0.02
Coinlist Sale Option 3 300,000,000 0.03

Current Casper Token Rate (CSPR)

Where to Buy – Sell CSPR Tokens

Currently, Casper is being listed on major exchanges such as: Huobi Global, OKEx, MEXC Global, Gate.io, XT.COM, Hoo.com, Coinlist,…


Website: https://casper.network/network

Telegram : https://t.me/casperblockchain

Medium : https://medium.com/casperlabs

Twitter : https://twitter.com/Casper_Network

Reddit: https://www.reddit.com/r/CasperLabs/

Whitepaper: https://docs.casperlabs.io/en/latest/

Discord: https://discord.com/channels/615596155992145953/621017425441456181

Github: https://github.com/casper-network


Although it is only on the way to build and expand its ecosystem, but based on its high applicability and experienced development team, the project has successfully attracted the attention and investment of many people. major corporations and funds in the world. Casper Network is a potential and highly applicable project in practice thanks to leveraging the power of Blockchain to build products for businesses globally.

Here is all the information GTA Research team researched the project Casper Network and Not investment advice. Hope this article will help you get the necessary information and give your personal opinion about the project.

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