What is Bityard? Detailed instructions from AZ about this new margin floor

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Margin trading is really hot in the market this year. Besides the big exchanges like Bitmex, Binance Futures, there are many other exchanges that have a very large number of users.

Today Goctienao learns what Bityard is and how to use it from AZ for you – one of the quite ok margin brokers today. With a fairly simple interface and transaction method, it is easier for newcomers to access.

Because it is a new floor, there are many incentives, you can receive up to $ 258 if you do enough tasks, and register an account to receive $ 5 immediately.

What is Bityard?

Link to register for an account: https://bityard.com

(click on the registration link to support the Goctienao team, guys)

Bityard is the world’s leading digital currency contract exchange, headquartered in Singapore, providing customers in more than 150 countries with secure, simple and fast digital asset trading services. fast.
Bityard maintains the business philosophy of “detailed contracts, easy transactions”, with the aim of providing customers with a very simple digital currency experience.

What are Bityard’s supported coins?

Bityard floor support margin also quite a lot of coins, most of which are top coins, which are: BTC, ETH, XRP, DASH, LTC, ETC, TRX, EOS, BCH.

Personally, I think this is enough for you to comfortably margin.

How much is Bityard trading fee?

The transaction fee every time you open a position is: 0.15%

How much is the overnight transaction fee?

When a position remains open after a certain cut-off time (i.e. “overnight time”, 05:55:00 Singapore time), the exchange will charge an overnight fee.

If you want to keep the order for a long time, please make sure there is enough balance in your account to cover the overnight fee.

Swap Fee = Margin Amount * (Number of Leverage-1) * 0.045% * Number of Days Overnight


Brothers beat 50$ such as, lever x100 and to overnight 1 day.

So the overnight fee is: 50 x (100-1) x 0.045% x 1 = 2.2$

Does Bityard exchange have an app?

Yes. There is an app for both Android and iOS.

Does Bityard have Vietnamese language?

Yes. If you are not fluent in English, you can adjust Vietnamese for convenient operation!

Instructions to register for a Bityard account

Registration link: https://bityard.com (click on the registration link to support the Goctienao team, guys)

Step 1: Fill in registration information.

instructions for registering a bityard account
instructions for registering a bityard account

There are 2 ways to register an account: Register Email and Register phone number.

I usually use my phone, so I will choose to register by phone.

register for a bityard account
register for a bityard account

Please enter your phone number. Then press Get Code. After filling in the code sent back, you fill it in Password and press Register.

That is successful registration.

Instructions to get 4$ for free

instructions to receive $ 4 bityard floor
instructions to receive $ 4 bityard floor
  • Sign up for an account: Get 1$
  • Email link: get 1$
  • Trial trading (demo): get 2$

Instructions to enable account security

Turning on security is always the most important thing because it will help you avoid being hacked.

enable bityard floor security
enable bityard floor security

Brothers choose: AccountAccounts and securityAsset cryptography

enable bityard floor security

Brothers fill in My password. Then fill in withdrawal password and reconfirm. Done click Confirm.

Instructions for opening positions on Bityard


This is the interface of Bityard’s homepage.

Area 1: Trading Coins

Zone 2: Candlestick chart

Zone 3: Trading position, transaction history

Zone 4: Ordering frame

To place an order, do the following:

how to play margin on bityard
how to play margin on bityard

If you guess the price of Bitcoin will get a raise, you choose item Buying. If reduce then you choose Sell.

As I expected to increase, I chose BUY.

Lever: Bityard has 5 types of leverage: 20x, 40x, 60x, 80x, 100x. You choose the leverage you like, (note high leverage, huge profit but high risk because it is easy to liquidate assets.)

Amount of money: Enter the amount to be transacted

Then press BUYING.

How to set the price to enter an order (Limit)

Instead of choosing Market (Market), you choose Limit (limit).

Price: Enter the price to enter the order (usually used to anticipate, place orders waiting to be matched).

Then you choose lever and amount of money You need to hit and you’re done.

Then press BUYING.

Instructions for depositing and withdrawing coins

deposit and withdraw coins on bityard

Brothers choose: AccountAssetLoad.

You should deposit USDT on the floor to avoid price deviation!

Bityard supports loading USDT via 3 ports: TRC20, ERC20, OMNI. You can choose any form you want!

Similarly, if you withdraw coins, you press WITHDRAW.

I hope you can find out with this tutorial What is Bityard and how to use it from AZ exchange Bityard. Good luck guys!

Join Telegram group for dedicated instructions: https://t.me/GTAmargin

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