The most accurate way to check bitcoin transactions

When participating in the cryptocurrency market (virtual currency, digital currency, cryptocurrency), one of the skills you must have is how to check a transaction of bitcoin, ethereum, ripple or other coins . So:

Bitcoin transaction check how ?

How to check bitcoin transactions easiest to remember?

Within the framework of this article, I will show you how to BTC transaction check easiest to remember. In addition, you can use this method to check all transactions of other coins.

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Bitcoin transaction check

First you go to the website:

Click on the coins you want to check: Bitcoin

How to check bitcoin transactions

Next you choose Explorer. Depending on each coin type, there will be many check pages, they will show 1 2 3 4 5 for you to choose from.

Check BTC transaction

Then will show the page you want to check. Enter your bitcoin wallet address and then Enter.

How to check Bitcoin transactions

After Enter You will see the following parameters appear:

So you know how to check a normal bitcoin transaction.

The easiest way to check bitcoin transactions

You just memorize a single page can check all transactions of all other coins.

First -> Select coin -> Select Explorer -> Enter the wallet address you want to check.

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Here’s how to check in case you wait forever and don’t receive it Bitcoin. But most of the time, it only takes 30 minutes for the Bitcoins transferred by others to automatically go to your wallet where you store the bitcoins.

Good luck.

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