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In the DeFi space, projects about Lending / Borrowing always has a very important position, it plays a role in the circulation, making the most of capital. It is not simply that the top 3 DeFi projects have TVL – the largest total key value has 2 names of the array. Lending / Borrowing are Aave top 1 and Maker top3, according to DeFiPulse.

What is Lending/Borrowing?

Lending/Borrowing nice DeFi Lending are products that act like traditional banks, allowing users to borrow money or deposit money at a certain interest rate. But unlike traditional banks that operate centrally, DeFi Lengding is decentralized and based on a peer-to-peer network without the intervention of an intermediary. Stored transactions and acceptance will depend on the consensus of the entire network.

Platforms Lending allowing anyone to make loans crypto assets in a way that requires no trust, or without intermediaries. Any user can use the amount of crypto they have not used to lend on DeFi lending platforms and earn profits. Because it is based on a peer-to-peer network, loans will be made directly to the lender, which reduces reliance on intermediaries and reduces costs.

Among all the types of DApps currently on the space DeFi Lending applications are having a very high growth rate. According to crypto research firm Messari, currently DeFi Lending is leading in terms of ROD(return of investment), followed by Decentralized Exchanges (DEX) and DeFi Payments.

IDO Incredible ROI of Lending/Borrowing Projects

With the current growing DeFi scene, along with the outstanding advantages of the project’s token sale through IDO, Lending / Borrowing projects have not been left out of the game. Many Leding projects have implemented IDO and among them, there are projects that bring dream profits for investors to buy tokens.

One of them can be mentioned as: Anchor Protocol with the implementation of the token sale FACILITATE price 0.05$ through IDO. Compared to the current price, the ROI it brings to investors is more than 4,714%, while the ATH ROI reaches 16.521%. That is, price FACILITATE the current token is 48.09 times the price of IDO, ATH is 166.21 times the price of IDO, too impressive.

Not only have Lending projects implemented IDO recently brought impressive ROI to early investors, but pioneering projects like AAVE, Compound are no exception. According to Coinmarketcap, Aave ROI, the approximate return on investment if purchased at launch (or earliest known price), is 44,247.41%.

Apricot Finance a potential Lending / Borrowing project

Apricot Finance, a new DeFi project empowered by Solana. In the near future, the project will launch Apricot Lend. A mortgage lending protocol that seeks to maximize a user’s ability to borrow.

If you don’t already know, Apricot Finance is a leading project in East Asia and won 2nd place in the Solana Season Hackathon with a $40,000 USDC-SPL prize! Winning a high prize in a large-scale Hackathon partly proves the applicability and quality of the project.

Apricot Finance’s first product is Apricot Lend. Apricot Lend proposes to act in the interest of borrowers by setting mortgage requirements below market, lowering liquidation thresholds and limiting liquidation penalties. With a 2-hour liquidation guarantee, Apricot Lend gives borrowers peace of mind. When Apricot grows big enough, it will add a lending model like securitization. Issuance of new tokens backed by collateral.

With a quality platform, supported “enthusiastically” when Solana Eco Fund has invested $ 10 million, Apricot Finance promises to become an important piece in Solana’s ecosystem. If you are “looking for IDO” then this is definitely a project that you should put it on your watch list!

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